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Brother, it's unbearable (not really)

Anyone seen Brother Bear? I went to see it last Friday, and I've got to say that film was better than I had anticipated, since it was actually quite humorous. I'd read reviews that described Rutt & Tuke as "annoying" and the relationship between Kenai and Koda as "rather tedious", and for the latter I'd have to say I agree. But what do you expect from a kid's movie? People do forget that these things are meant to have some elements that appeal to a younger audience, and here that's exactly for whom this movie is intended. But Rutt & Tuke's yoga references were the kind of thing that older viewers would understand, and there were even scenes with the kind of humour I don't usually like, but that made me laugh all the same.

It's not a classic as far as The Lion King is concerned, but it really wasn't as bad as some people have thought. And I'm not just saying that as the kind of person who appreciates animation as an art form rather than simply another means of film making. Sure, the storyline was a bit typical - 'man kills bear, man comes to learn man should not kill bear' - but what the hey. I still think it rates higher than Treasure Planet, which was the last traditional animated movie I saw in cinemas. So yeah. Anyone agree/disagree here? (I'm going to kick some life into this community).
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